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About us

  1. Artblot is a premium independent brand featuring some of the most free-spirited artists around the world. ArtBlot products are known for their brilliant design, detailed illustration which is unique & off-beat. At ArtBlot we let imagination take the better of us to create noteworthy designs specially for you.

  2. At Artblot the aim is simple, we bring alternative designs to human consciousness. We distinguish ourselves through our quality fabrics, authentic washes, unique detailing and hand-drawn graphics.

  3. Here are the three things we promise to keep in mind every time we create a new piece of clothing or merch - Quality, Creativity, and Community.


When working with products that come from the soul we believe that we need to pay just as much attention to what is going into the clothing as much as what is being printed on it. Our years of research have led us to finding the perfect fabric fit for you. All ArtBlot clothing are created using Premium fabric & Environmentally safe inks.


We promise to bring together and feature some of the most hidden gems in the art world together on one brand. Artists featured get full credit for the pieces they create and a certain part of every sale goes back to the minds that created the apparel design.


ArtBlot brings together some of the most passionate and dedicated minds in the Art world to come together and recreate their magic on clothing and accessories. We are constantly working on creating more collaborations and bringing together people who wish to contribute to our growing community.

Great Support

At ArtBlot we believe in creating simple, seamless experiences. Our customer support service works around the clock to ensure that your feedback is addressed without hassles.

Secure Payments

Access to easy payment gateways and secure transactions are an ArtBlot promise. Our partnerships with some of the best payment services providers give our customers safe, private, and fast settlements.

Simple Returns

No beating around the bushes with ArtBlot. Our no-stress return policies ensure we deliver the best products with no-questions-asked returns. 

We make all our products here at home.
Made in India, Built for the soul.